Controlled and subtle inflation can be a sign of a strong economy—but when inflation gets out of hand, everyone is impacted. While B2C companies work overtime ensuring they’re prepared for an inflationary economy, B2B companies that ignore the impact of inflation are doing themselves a disservice.

This webinar is an expert-led roundtable discussion about inflation and the effect it has on Accounts Payable and business payments. After watching this webinar, you’ll be able to identify the five ways inflation impacts your Accounts Payable departments and will walk away with a better understanding of:

  • How Accounts Payable can keep suppliers happy during an inflationary economy while also ensuring cash flow is optimized and payments are timely
  • What you should keep your eyes on regarding inflation, the economy, and the future
  • How Accounts Payable automation technology can help



Justin Corum
Senior Director, Partnerships

Justin Corum is the Senior Director, Partnerships at Bottomline. A self-professed payments nerd, he loves nothing more than chatting about payments with anyone willing to engage. Prior to joining the Paymode-X team at Bottomline, he was Vice President of Business Development at Billtrust and spent just over a decade at the wholly-owned subsidiary of U.S. Bank, Elavon, as Vice President of Global Payment Facilitator prior to that.


Carl Slabicki
Co-Head of Global Payments
Treasury Services at BNY Mellon

Carl Slabicki is the Co-Head of Global Payments for BNY Mellon's Treasury Services. In his current role, Carl is responsible for BNY's Payable and Receivables product group that delivers specialized solutions to optimize payment flows for their multi-segment corporate client base, their bank clients in a white-label capacity and our strategy to selectively partner with FinTechs to enhance and scale their services across the market.

This product group focuses on providing holistic payment services to support the full spectrum of payables and receivables while optimizing their clients' payment flows and services by leveraging new networks and capabilities such as Real-Time Payments (RTP and FedNow), Tokenized Payments with Zelle, ACH, Check Processing and Specialized Industry Solutions.

Mr. Slabicki serves on the Board of Directors for Nacha and the Managing Board for The Clearing House Payments Company. He is the Chair of Early Warning Services' Wholesale Payments Advisory Committee, and he is a member of the ABA Payment Systems Administrative Committee.

Prior to joining BNY Mellon in 2014, Mr. Slabicki was the Treasurer for the Wurth Group of North America INc. which is the regional in-house bank, holding company and shared service for the Wurth Group.

Mr. Slabicki graduated from Muhlenberg College with bachelor's degrees in economics and Business Administration and is a graduate of SIFMA's Securities Industry Institute Executive Education Program at Wharton. He is a Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) and an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP).

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