We'll be at ABARisk 2021, a virtual event from the American Bankers Association that will benefit your bank's entire risk team. Meet us in the Marketplace so we can share our Fraud and Financial Crime Solution Suite with you and give you the chance to win prizes!

Bottomline Technologies’ Fraud and Financial Crime solutions enables corporations and financial institutions to reduce risk, prevent fraud and meet regulatory compliance requirements through a highly extensible and flexible platform that delivers unparalleled fraud protection.

Bottomline’s Secure Payments solution effectively identifies and mitigates some of today’s most sophisticated fraud schemes, such as Business Email Compromise (BEC) and cross-channel attacks. Through an out-of-the-box library of pre-built integrations and support for diverse payment formats, Secure Payments provides on-going flexibility for comprehensive behavioral analytics, real-time alerting, and transaction blocking, allowing your organization to reduce risk, prevent fraud and meet regulatory compliance needs.

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Knowing your customer has never been more important to stopping fraud in its tracks

What’s one thing all financial criminals have in common? They don’t discriminate. They don’t care how big your organization is, the industry you’re in, or even how they attack you. What’s important to them is to exploit every opportunity to get at you. And never were the opportunities to exploit more evident than over the past year. Side-swiped by socio-economic upheaval, businesses around the world focused first on maintaining operations, keeping the lights on and managing workforces pushed to levels of virtual and altered engagement like never before.

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