Bottomline is a proud sponsor of the American Banker Digital Banking Conference 2020, taking place virtually on December 7-9.

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2020 has proven that business are able to adapt in ways we never could have foreseen.

In that spirit, we’ve pulled together a collection of resources specifically curated to support your efforts to ‘navigate the new digital imperative’, which is the theme of Digital Banking 2020. This collection contains insights from banking and finance professionals and knowledge about the forces shaping the industry today and beyond. The fully transformed nature of this year’s conference inspired us to supplement all that is Digital Banking 2020 — keynotes, educational sessions, roundtables and networking events — to further the conversation.

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Intelligent Engagement in Commercial Banking

Digital disruption and transformation means that banks today face economic, competitive and regulatory challenges that are very different from what they have faced in the past. The pace of change is accelerating, customer expectations and demands are increasing and competitive threats are coming from new and different directions. Norm DeLuca, Managing Director of Banking Solutions explains how to put the customer focus at the center of your bank’s digital transformation.

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video time: 03:18 video title: Digital Banking Overview


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