Industry experts from Bottomline will be participating throughout sharing their latest data-driven strategies, best practices and guidance on how organizations can:

  • Digitally transform their domestic and global AP and AR processes
  • Centralize 100% of their B2B payments in a single process and solution
  • Support the needs of all parties involved in a transaction
  • Maintain business continuity now and in the future

Finally, don’t miss our speaking session, featuring Bill Wardwell, SVP of Strategy and Business Development.

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video time: 00:06 video title: Masterclass with Bill Wardell

Treasury professionals, banks and FinTechs are increasingly working together to make digital payments a reality. While this is a positive, making the leap to digital requires organizations to look for a payments solution that can:

Connect easily with their ERPs and other back-office technology

Provide a user experience that addresses the broad needs of all parties within a transaction

Leverage predictive analytics and machine learning to stop fraud before it happens

Watch the video now for key takeaways to overcome back-office barriers to digital payments.

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