Achieving accurate, comprehensive cash visibility is mission-critical to understanding your company’s financial stamina and endurance particularly during volatile times. Treasurers are constantly required to know in real-time, how much cash do we have and where? How can we best utilize our liquidity to meet long-term projections? And, perhaps more importantly, can we optimize our liquidity to improve those projections?

Loss prevention is another key area of priority for treasury teams looking to optimize their cash and liquidity. The ability to mitigate fraud, avoid overdrafts, manage bank fees, etc. is key. Precise and reliable bank reconciliations are the best way to do it.

Implementing these best practices can be difficult. Disparate, outdated systems, manual, error-laden spreadsheets, are typically the biggest barriers. In this session, attendees will learn practical tips for implementing these strategies. Our speakers will also present a live demo of Bottomline TreasuryXpress’ cash positioning and reconciliation tools.

Topics Include:

Best practices for identifying idle liquidity and improving utilization

Avoiding common cash forecasting pitfalls

Leveraging reconciliation best practices to improve cash visibility

Understanding the possibilities of automation

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