Payment Fraud for SWIFT

The Hidden Camera in Your Global Payments Infrastructure

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When It Comes to Securing SWIFT Payments, You Can’t Afford to Be Slow

Recent cyberattacks against SWIFT’s global payments system have worried banks, corporations and regulators alike,
and have galvanised the industry to re-examine how to protect itself against fraud.

Bottomline’s Payment Fraud for SWIFT puts your worries aside by proactively detecting and stopping fraudulent messages before money goes out the door.

Go beyond SWIFT Customer Security Program (CSP) compliance.
Block fraudulent transactions in real-time.

Get immediate alerts.

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SWIFT Compliance & Payment Fraud Protection

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Benefits & Features

  • Better detection. You are protected from a wide array of threats through a combination of network security, login, and user behavior monitoring.
  • Faster alerts. You find out about threats in real-time thanks to advanced analytics and dynamic user profiling.
  • Fewer losses. Fraudulent payments are automatically blocked through tight integration with your SWIFT software.

  • More productive staff – Your team moves faster with prioritised alerts and a comprehensive investigation and case management console.