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Bottomline PT-X

Bottomline PT-X is a cloud-based Bacs and Faster Payment product that securely manages payments and Direct Debit collections for both bureau and direct submitters. It enables quick and easy anytime, anywhere payment submissions.

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Bottomline PT-X offers organisations the ability to process payments and collections from any location using secure, cloud-based technology, giving you increased mobility and flexibility for the processing of payroll and supplier payments or Direct Debit (DD) collections.

PT-X streamlines the processing of outbound payments and Direct Debit collections; you simply upload your data, validate and authorise the payment, and submit the file for payment. PT-X can also help reduce operational costs, enhance flexibility and accessibility, improve operational efficiency, minimise risk, and form part of your disaster recovery strategy.

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  • Payments can be processed quickly and efficiently from anywhere at any time on multiple devices by multiple users
  • Bacs approved software for secure and compliant payments with Bacs Direct Credits, Direct Debits (AUDDIS), Faster Payments, and HMRC Real Time Information (RTI)
  • Bank account validation and verification at point of submission reduces transaction failures
  • Automated and streamlined payments process improves operational efficiency
  • Easy to use, intuitive, and user-friendly interface, with industry-leading compliance for the visually impaired
  • Comprehensive Bacs reports for audit trails

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