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Bottomline SMB Payments

Fully service the need of your small and medium sized business customers (SMBs) by helping them with easy to use payables and collection tools that drive operational efficiency.

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Bottomline’s small business payments solution can be fully integrated with a bank’s online banking platform to offer payment and collection services, as well as cash management and reporting, that are specifically designed for SMBs. Accounting system synchronization allows business customers access to more complete information and avoid duplicate tasks, The Bottomline solution focuses on three objectives - ease of use, comprehensive payment and collection capabilities, and efficiency.

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Benefits & Features

  • Supports a wide range of payment options needed for SMBs.
  • Integration with accounting software and other third party services.
  • Cash position and real-time balance information.
  • Approval and document management workflows.
  • Risk management.

Benefits for small businesses

  • Greater visibility and control over payment delivery and settlement timelines.
  • Less effort and time expended in payment and collection processes.
  • Greater peace of mind through improved risk management/fraud prevention

Benefits for financial institutions

  • Attract and retain small and medium sized business customers by providing the solutions they desire and value.
  • Drive primary bank relationships and deepen customer engagement

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