Finding the right ePayables solution provider can be an overwhelming task. The 2021 ePayables Technology Advisor Report analyzes 17 solutions from 14 providers in an effort to help organizations make sense of it all. Find out why Bottomline and its solutions were ranked as "Market Leaders".



Get straightforward and useful information that can help your organization
make smarter buying decisions.

Ardent Partners evaluated and ranked the solution providers in this report based on two essential areas of consideration:

  • Solution strength, which includes the quality, depth and breadth of the provider's current ePayables solution across the full AP process as defined in Ardent's ePayables Framework.
  • Provider strength, which considers 10 distinctive quantitative and qualitative factors including support and delivery capabilities, analytical and reporting, specialization, product roadmap, and customer references.

See where each provider stands in the rankings and get the insights that you need to choose the right ap solution provider for your organization.

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Why Change

Bottomline is notable for the depth and breadth of its B2B payment capabilities including its standout payment network and very strong invoice automation capabilities.


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