The proverbial pot of data gold.

For every patient who walks in, a hospital collects the following information, at a minimum: name, phone number, address, SSN, date of birth, occupation and insurance information. It is all maintained meticulously and kept up to date. And it makes fraudsters salivate.

Healthcare is the new battleground, and the personal patient data that hospitals have readily available is more lucrative, more comprehensive, and more attractive than retail and banking data ever was. Whether it is unintentional misuse, employee snooping or overt intent privacy violations and making the headlines is a healthcare organization’s worst nightmare.

What can you do to prepare? Here are four ways to protect your healthcare organization from a data breach.


Why it matters?

Nearly 95% of medical/health care institutions reported being victimized by a form of cyber attack. 

Are you tired of using only rules to handle risk factors in your organization?

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Shine a Light on the Unknown: Accurately Profiling Patient Privacy Risk in Healthcare

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