Data security is a serious and growing problem for all sectors, but healthcare is taking the biggest hit.

According to HIT Infrastructure, Healthcare was the industry hit hardest by data breaches in 2018. Healthcare is the only industry where insider threats outnumbered external threats. In fact, 58 percent of healthcare breaches involved insiders last year, and 48 percent of insider incidents were motivated by financial gain, costing taxpayers $100 billion per year. It quickly adds up for healthcare organizations as the cost per record for a healthcare breach amounted to $408 per record in 2018. 

The simple reason for this increase is that personal patient data is valuable. Medical information is enticing for hackers because it includes personal details such as height and eye color that can be used to create fake identities.

Why it matters?

$100 billion - the amount healthcare breaches cost taxpayers per year. 

Nearly 95% of all medical and healthcare institutions have reported being victimized by some form of cyber-attack.

Do you know how to recognize the 4 biggest threats to patient privacy that your healthcare organization faces?

Patient Privacy: Can you recognize the 4 biggest threats?



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