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1. Energize efficiency

Take the dozen (or even dozens) of steps you’d usually make to get a payment out the door and cut it down to three by removing paper, wasted steps and manual approvals from your core AP process.

3/4 of Paymode-X customers reduce their processing time by at least 25%

2. Fight fraud

Payment fraud is bad news and it’s everywhere, with fraudsters trying to take over accounts and make off with hard-earned business funds. Picking the right partner to secure your payments and validate your suppliers can take the risk out of your accounts payable entirely.

200% Increase in compromised business emails in the last year

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3. Cut costs

Checks are as expensive as they are slow, with late payments difficult to avoid and early payment discounts impossible to achieve. Streamlining processes and reducing your check stack saves your business money and opens up an opportunity for even greater savings.

More than half of Paymode-X customers have grown their early payment discounts by at least 50%

4. Viva visibility!

Accounts payable shouldn’t be murky, not with so much money moving and business cash flow being so essential. With the right data, reporting and dashboards, you can have at-a-glance visibility into invoice status, payments and your overall cash picture right at your fingertips, and that’s essential.

50% of financial controllers say that improving visibility is their top priority

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5. Strengthen supplier ties

Your suppliers are essential to your real estate business, so making them happy and maintaining a good relationship is paramount. By better securing your payments, picking the right partner to onboard vendors and paying them digitally, you can do just that.

58% of Paymode-X customers say digitizing payments and processes has strengthened vendor relationships

6. Genuine growth

It’s not just about making it work in the here and now, but actually growing the business by making accounts payable better, easier and more efficient. Partnering with the right solution lets you take the manual work and inefficiency out of your day-to-day life and focus on what matters: The path to growth.

Before joining Paymode-X, 60% of our customers said check payments prevented them from growing their business

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