The good news is that modernization does more than just get rid of these AP headaches.

Converting to digital payments gives you an edge in the competitive real estate market by delivering substantial business value in eight key ways:

1) Accelerate processing by digitizing and automating workflows, approvals, and payments – slashing the AP process from 45 days to an average of 48 hours.

2) Improve cash flow by avoiding late payment fees, capturing more of the available rebates offered by vendors, and scheduling payments for precisely when you want to pay.

3) Simplify systems by transitioning away from disparate legacy platforms and seamlessly integrating digital payments with your ERP, accounting systems, and bank accounts.

4) Deliver a consistent, secure experience across all of your business-to-businesses and business-to-consumer payments.

5) Stop fraudsters in their tracks through digital authentication of your vendors and their bank account information.

6) Free AP resources to be more strategic by giving back all the hours currently spent in mundane labor-intensive manual tasks.

7) Gain visibility across the AP process with real-time data to optimize working capital, track transactions, review spend, and more.

8) Save money and drive revenue by capturing early payment discounts and earning cash rebates on ACH and virtual card payments.

The competition in the real estate market never lets up, but that doesn’t have to get you down. By transforming your processes with digital payments, you finally gain an edge for your AP team.

Real estate businesses are getting ahead of the competition by driving more value from their AP department with AP automation. See if AP automation is right for your real estate business in our Build Better AP value on a Automation Foundation executive brief. 


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