Automating AP on Campus? Here Are Some Key Tips That Can Help Along the Way.

Keeping campus running smoothly by ensuring all suppliers are well-managed and paid. Reimbursing faculty and staff. Ensuring compliance with policies and regulations. Contributing to healthy cash flow. It’s all in a day’s work for the accounts payable department at a college or university.

On top of that, the AP team and finance leaders are under increasing pressure to mitigate fraud risk, trim costs, and keep pace with the digitization happening across the rest of the school.

Leading higher education institutions are realizing that manual processes and cobbled together tools are standing in the way of all this work. They’re turning instead to accounts payable automation software that not only eliminates repetitive tasks, errors, and delays, but also helps them fulfill the financial and operational imperatives of their institutions.

Here’s a helpful guide should your institution decide to follow suit, and automate AP for improved visibility, control, and security.

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