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Commercial Onboarding Experience with Christine Barry, Director of Research at Aite Novarica Group​​​

What's on the table:

What modern banking customers look like and why their banking experience expectations have changed

Why most banks are not meeting customer expectations and how they can improve

What to expect in the next generation of onboarding platforms

The bottom line on what matters most to bankers today

We believe there’s never been a better time to be a bank.

The banking landscape is shifting rapidly. You know this better than anyone. Financial institutions across the board are undergoing unprecedented levels of digital acceleration and change, impacting every facet of their core franchises – from retail, to small business, to commercial banking.

However, with immense change comes immense opportunity. Financial institutions with a proactive, forward-thinking approach the next generation of digital banking will uncover new propositions and revenue opportunities far exceeding the playbook of the past.

We’re here to take you there.


Deep Expertise

Featured guests:

Christine Barry, GM Digital Banking Solutions, AiteNovarica Group

Norman DeLuca, GM Digital Banking Solutions, Bottomline Technologies

Enrico Camerinelli, Research Director, AiteNovarica Group

Kevin Pettet, GM Enterprise Banking, Bottomline Technologies

Jessica Cheney, VP Product Management, Bottomline Technologies

Insights and analysis on digital banking and fintech trends from experts and financial service veterans.

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Differentiation in Commercial Banking with Christine Barry, Director of Research at Aite Novarica Group ​​​

What's on the table:

Common themes across banks: more business side investments & increased competition

What really matters to banking customers – the user experience

How consolidation and incorporating analytics can help enhance the overall experience and improve service

Connecting the Dots Between Real-Time Payments and Small Businesses with Jessica Cheney, VP Product Management & Strategy at Bottomline ​​​

What's on the table:

Why the impacts of real-time payments have sparked interest for small businesses

How instant payments can help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

How real-time payments can provide small businesses with enough flexibility and access to their funds to successfully manage cashflows

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Enrico Camerinelli, Senior Analyst at Aite-Novarica Group on Cash Flow Forecasting and Optimization

What's on the table:

How cash flow optimization can impact customer engagement

Cash flow forecasting vs cash flow optimization — what’s the difference?

How visibility and velocity are drivers for proactive risk mitigation, as well as cash flow optimization, customer engagement and adaptability

"Treasury-as-a-Service: Visibility and Velocity" with
Enrico Camerinelli, Senior Analyst at Aite-Novarica Group

What's on the table:

Why the stakes are high for corporate treasurers, especially during an uncertain economy

The two powerful strategic weapons to maintain stability and how to use them

How visibility and velocity are drivers for proactive risk mitigation, as well as cash flow optimization, customer engagement and adaptability

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Christine Barry Millenials Small Business Banking
video time: 00:07 video title:

Christine Barry of AiteNovarica Group on Millennials in Small Business Banking

What's on the table:

Why millennial-run small businesses (SMBs) are a key component to your SMB banking growth strategy

Actionable advice on how financial institutions can better serve this critical demographic of small business customers

"The Small Business Banking Opportunity" with Norm Deluca, Bottomline’s General Manager, Banking Solutions Group

What's on the table:

The latest threats to banks’ primacy and how financial institutions must act to reclaim the center of that relationship in an increasingly open financial services ecosystem

Actionable advice to establish deep, meaningful relationships and maintain your position as a trusted advisor

What to look for when partnering with bank-centric innovators

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video time: 06:35 video title: The Banking Bottomline: Norm Deluca, Banking Solutions Group

Market Outlook Report: Small Business Banking in 2021

The road to small business recovery is long, with many reporting that revenue has nearly halved in 2020. SMBs represent a huge opportunity for banks — as it’s critical to provide the banking services that help small businesses survive.

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Smart Banks Can Win in Small Business Webinar Series

Ron Shelvin leads the discussion with industry thought leaders in this video series focused on small business digital transformation. Explore the entire webinar series below to discover what industry leaders think banks can do to help their small business customers.

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