Though CRMs have been around for decades, the banking industry has been relatively slow to adopt them.

Dive into this ebook to get a brief history of CRM systems, how leading banks use them, and explore the root causes behind adoption and implementation difficulties.

Without real-time access to valuable data across lines of business, financial institutions will miss valuable opportunities to build long-term loyalty with current and new customers. Enabling your banking teams with intelligent systems of engagement that combine data from across the organization and deliver actionable insights and analytics is increasing becoming a requirement for digital-first banks. 

Growing product portfolios and a new wave of competitors seeking to unbundle traditional banking relationships have put the pressure on FIs slower to adopt digital technology. Adapting quickly and delivering guidance and support when clients need it most is how the leading FIs of the next decade will champion their growth.

Why it matters

Over 85% of revenues in an average customer portfolio come from the 25% of relationships they know best.

Source: Mckinsey & Company, “Special Edition on Advanced Analytics in Banking,” August 2018


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