Learn what you should take into consideration when evaluating B2C payment solutions

Comparing solutions and partners takes time and effort, both of which are often in short supply for busy AP departments. This shortlist of five things to look for in a tech partner will help you:

  • Save time and optimize your search
  • Simplify and streamline B2C payments for your team
  • Provide the experience that B2C payees are looking for
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81% of consumers say they want diverse payment options, and the majority of them would prefer card-based, instant payments.

Source: Aite

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5 Things to Look for in a Tech Partner

1. Speed and Agility

Consumers expect greater convenience in the payments process and want to receive payments as quickly as possible. They also want payment options to align with their preferences.


  • Paymode-X B2C Disbursements allows companies to pay each consumer using their preferred payment method.
  • You can make one-time or recurring payments, increasing convenience and efficiency for your AP team.

2. Simplified Payee Experience

Some providers don't have a user-friendly interface or payment experience. Sometimes consumers are simply mailed a check without being offered any electronic payment options, which is frustrating.


  • Paymode-X B2C Disbursements provides a seamless, easy, and fast payment experience for your customers.
  • In a few clicks, a consumer can verify their identity, quickly choose their preferred payment method, and provide details to receive payments.

3. Greater Control

There's no point in making a significant technology investment if the solution doesn't allow you to maintain control over your B2C payment processing and improve the resulting payee experience.


  • With Paymode-X Disbursements, you have full control over the communications sent to your customer.
  • Paymode-X lets you define a verification value for customer authentication that is meaningful to your business and your customer base.

4. Security-Driven, Privacy First

Security now plays a crucial role in winning consumer trust. 53% of consumers say a company's existing data protection measures would influence whether they would do business with them, while 64% of consumers have decided not to engage with a company because of poor cybersecurity.


  • It's crucial that your payment experience looks, feels, and sounds like it's coming from your company - and not an unfamiliar third-party technology provider.
  • When you make B2C payments using Paymode-X, each customer goes through a self-service, branded user experience.

5. B2B and B2C Payments Using a Single Solution

Companies need to gain more control over their entire payments ecosystem, which is why a unified disbursements solution for managing both vendor and consumer payments has become a true business necessity. 


  • The broader Paymode-X AP Automation solution lets organizations bring both B2B and B2C payment capabilities together within a unified invoice-to-pay solution.
  • Paymode-X fuels AP continuity by digitalizing workflows and accelerating the conversion to electronic payments for maximum efficiency, security, and visibility.

Paymode-X B2C Disbursements offers all these capabilities and more. Learn more about how Paymode-X can help you improve the overall payment experience.

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