The business challenge impacting the profiled company’s treasury management capabilities that led them to evaluate and ultimately select Bottomline Cash Management and Payments

Limited visibility into cash and liquidity positions

Manually compiling large volumes of bank statements

Increased payment risk due to manual payment workflows and weak approval protocols

Inability to run and deliver timely financial reports to key stakeholders

Decentralized bank account management


Performance improvements since starting to use their Cash Management and Payments solution:

- 100% cash visibility and positioning

- 100% payment processing and security

- >75% liquidity management and utilization

- >75% reporting and information sharing

- 4-6 months to achieve 100% bank connectivity with Bottomline TreasuryXpress

- Helps efficiency and productivity of team

Agree that Bottomline improves cash liquidity management in the following areas:

- Reduces missed payment risk

- Improves payment security

- Helps improve the “cost of payment”

- Optimizes payment workflows

Agree that Bottomline improves operations, technology, and administration in the following areas:

- Integrates with ERP to automate seamless and secure financial data flow

- Establishes multi-bank connectivity for automated and secure bank data collection

- Centralizes bank account management

- Helps manage and reduce bank fees

- Improves controls and audit trails


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