Congratulations! You’ve reached an important milestone on your journey to automating your accounts payable operation: the always interesting and exciting RFP process. So what comes next?

The considerations involved in selecting the right solution are numerous and the different areas to evaluate are broad. Fortunately, most companies have a standard set of requirements and priorities to include in their AP automation RFPs.


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This high-level guide will describe each of the 11 sections of our RFP template and provide sample questions to get you pointed in the right direction. You'll get a framework to help you:

Define the full scope of your AP automation project

Prioritize what’s most important to your team and key stakeholders

Select the best possible solution provider

Following the structure outlined in this guide will ensure that you are getting the right information from solution providers in order to make the best decision for your organization.

Why it Matters

The RFP process should be embraced, because this where you and your team have a great opportunity to define the full scope of your AP automation project...


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