Commercial onboarding is one of the first intelligent engagement opportunities that treasury management customers have with their financial institution. It may be the first time they engage through the digital channel and an opportunity for you to deliver a unified experience to acquire, deepen and grow profitable relationships. As a critical component of the customer experience, onboarding can set the tone of the relationship, and something you must strive to automate and make efficient.

But because customer onboarding covers many functions, responsibility is often dispersed across multiple organizations, leading to a disjointed, inefficient and frustrating customer experience that is difficult to support. Improving onboarding for corporate and commercial customers as well as support staff is a goal every financial institution strives for, the ones that can achieve excellence will use it as a point of differentiation. Whether it’s the simplicity of account opening or the complexity of treasury products and services, this is the solution that scales to meet your needs.

Why it matters?

Since onboarding is one of the first impressions treasury management customers get of their bank, it is...something banks must strive to automate and make efficient.

Source: – Aite Group: Leaders of Treasury Management Onboarding: The Pursuit of Automation


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