Patient registration is one of the first interactions people have with a hospital - getting it right at this step in the patient care process is key.


Putting its patients first is a core value at Gonzales Healthcare Systems. Whether a patient enters the hospital through the emergency room or for routine healthcare services, Gonzales strives to give every patient a first-rate experience. With that in mind, the facility constantly strives to identify areas for improvement. The admissions process was one such area. The process in place was cumbersome and inefficient, causing patient and employee frustration and adding to patient wait times. The hospital wanted to gain efficiencies in other areas as well, including its surgical department. The signing of procedural consent forms relied heavily on manual touchpoints, like the redundancy of having to scan completed paper forms into the system. Additionally, the functionality was limited and the hospital lacked the agility to create new and modify existing forms as necessitated by the highly regulated state of Texas. It also needed a solution that included auto-print and print-on-demand functionality, for those instances when it was necessary to create printed items.

Ultimately, Gonzales needed an innovative solution to dynamically present consent forms to patients via mobile devices.

Download the asset to read how Gonzales Healthcare Systems strengthened the patient experience by reducing wait times and eliminating the need for duplicate entries.


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