Key objectives

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Expand payment options to customers

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Expand payment options to customers

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Regulate payment terms and compliance

By adopting the Paymode-X solution, Citizens' commercial customers experience benefits across multiple areas of functionality:

  • Treasury – optimizes working capital, increases visibility and forecast accuracy
  • Accounts Payable – improves efficiency and mitigates risk of error and fraud
  • IT – supports electronic payments with minimal resource requirements
  • Purchasing – effectively manages spend and faster payment terms
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Key stats

9/10 of Paymode-X customers said onboarding vendors is easier with the solution than any competing offering

90% of customers
said Paymode-X improves straight-through processing

80% of customers
said the ramp-up for Paymode-X was quicker than expected

8/10 customers
said they earned over 50% more cash-back rebates with

“Vendors find the biggest benefit is the ability to track payments throughout the process. Many of these Vendors watch their dollars closely and need to know where their money is at all times. Receiving payments through Paymode-X provides that visibility and gives Vendors peace of mind.” 

Kristie Dannenfelser | Purchase-to-pay Operations Manager


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