Accounts Payable departments in software and technology companies face pressure to reduce paper checks and handle payments to a complex web of suppliers. Paymode-X helps to eliminate manual and cumbersome processes by digitizing AP workflows, invoicing and B2B payments. This shifts your AP department into a revenue generator through increased rebates and a reduction in cost and time, allowing AP to contribute to business growth directly.

The need for efficiency and revenue are widely recognized, but finding a solution that can address a host of pain points like those below can be tough, but is necessary:

  • Removing paper-based processes that are slow, costly, and error-prone
  • Overcoming implementation and management challenges for payment programs
  • Integrating invoice and payment activity easily with ERPs and banks
  • Ending the inability to pay vendors electronically with detailed remittance information
  • Moving past poor visibility and significant fraud risk

By modernizing the AP process and addressing these challenges, software and technology companies can expand their EBITDA and improve their overall financial health. Only automation allows for the needed revenue, security and visibility AP teams at privately-owned technology companies.

Core benefits

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Zero Fraud

With advanced security measures and supplier authentication light years ahead of competition, Paymode-X makes $400 billion of fraud-free payments to 550,000+ businesses annually.

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More rebates = more EBITDA

Earn up to 50% more rebates than competitive solutions on ACH and virtual card payments.

*Bottomline generated $275k in rebates last year by using Paymode-X.

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Better supplier enrollment

Trust us with authentication and onboarding and avoid the time sink and headaches of enrollment. We likely have over 50% of your suppliers on the network, and work to protect your relationships. 

“I’ve been a Bottomline customer for 11 years and believe they offer one of the best fully integrated AP automation solutions.”

Accounts Payable Analyst | Medium Enterprise Company

Trusted partner of 7 of the largest
commercial banks in the United States.


Trusted Customers

End-to-end AP automation



Paymode-X enables secure, efficient
AP automation for technology companies


Efficiency and security are critical for the fast-paced, growth-focused world of software. As companies grow, so too does the complexity of their accounts payable processes. Paymode-X can help software companies streamline these processes, maximize efficiency, enhance payment security, and deliver a consistent experience across all payment types. This in turn brings new revenue and efficiency to AP.

Paymode-X brings automation to every single stage of the invoice-to-pay process. From receipt of paper and electronic invoices to digitization of workflows, approvals, and payment automation. Paymode-X simplifies AP tasks that traditionally consume time and resources. By automating these processes, software companies can free up their teams to focus on core business functions, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency. Plus, with a strong foundation, you can control scalability and ensure the future of your business.

With a network of over 550,000+ businesses accepting virtual card and ACH payments, Paymode-X simplifies the vendor onboarding process. This extensive network, combined with bank account authentication services, makes payments easier and revenue more attainable.

Expand revenue and simultaneously modernize your AP processes.


What our customers say

of Paymode-X customers rated our ease of use as better than any competitor


of customers realize a 50% increase in rebates over the competition.

rating for KPIs and reporting, a best-in-class number for solutions rated by G2.

3 steps to better AP

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Accelerate invoice processing

Digitize and automate invoice processing from receipt through capture, matching, coding, and approvals.

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Automate & streamline payments

Increase B2B and B2C payment efficiency and earn rebates on AP spend by converting to virtual card and ACH payments in a single platform.

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Secure AP processes

Maximize visibility, control, and security by transforming manual  tasks into auditable, fraudresistant workflows.

Start earning more revenue and realizing better efficiency as soon as possible.

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