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AP teams like secure payments a lot

But the Grift on Mount Fraud absolutely does not

The Grift prefers easy targets, with good reason;

With them, he can ruin our holiday season

The Grift had an idea. An awful idea.

The Grift got a wonderful, awful idea!

And quickly, he stole a supplier credential

And gathered the data he found most essential


“With this login,” he laughed, “I’m the virtual clone

Of a business they call 'Build-a-Gingerbread Home!'”

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Grift christmas in page 4

You’re a shady one, Mr. Grift!

You really are a jerk.


You’re as charming as a spider!

You are fraudulence at work!


Mr. Grift! You’re a nightmare

for an AP clerk!

And he did the same with other suppliers’ accounts


And that Grift left their payers with zero amounts


And the supplier security he saved for last,


He figured, would be just as smooth to get past

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Grift christmas in page 2

And what happened then? Well, I’ve heard them say


The Grift’s frustration grew three sizes that day

And now that his fraud didn’t come quite so easily,

He slinked away Griftily, but just as sleazily

Grift christmas in page 1
Grift in page 7 v2

Fraud comes without warning or ribbons or tags

Fraud comes without packages, boxes, or bags!

But be of good cheer! Cuz this season, you’ll know

How to ward off that fraud this year, banish this foe!

Yes, you and your AP team will be more fine

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