For nine years, Epic has earned and retained their Best In KLAS status for EMRs. Providers adopting Epic can be confident in the technology value, quality, and stability for their own healthcare organizations. Little risk. A lot of gain. However, as the patient community interweaves technology throughout their day-to-day lives, they expect their healthcare experience to keep pace.

The patient-facing activities in Epic have historically evolved as ancillary functions to the core Epic offering and, as a result, the standard solution from Epic generally lacked the advancements patients have come to expect from their consumer experiences. This has left providers with the dilemma of how to embrace the patient experience and meet the latest in consumer expectations. 

Patients want to see the document they are signing. 

Patients want to use their phones and tablets instead of paper forms. 

And, patients don't want to fill out the same information over and over again. 

Standardizing on Epic modules allows for a guaranteed solution with Epic-originated integration. Seeking third party, innovative solutions implies integration with your Epic system. The latter is typically considered to be a higher risk approach - but can actually deliver the highest quality, most consumer-friendly experience. 

Download and read this brochure to learn more about how eCapture and PreCapture powered by Logical Ink can transform your patient's experience with their forms both at home and in a facility care setting. Logical Ink integrates seamlessly and easily with Epic, reducing your risk and delivering the experience your patients crave.

Why it matters?

72% of PCP's think that improving EHR's interfaces could best address EHR challenges in the immediate future.

Source: Stanford Medicine


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