The security concerns of the healthcare industry are well-known.

Attacks on 15 million patient records compromised in 503 breaches in 2018, with 95 % of all organizations suffering from at least one data breach in the past two years. 

In some ways, it's understandable why patient privacy has taken a back seat in terms of competing priorities for healthcare organizations. The physical safety of the patients will always be the biggest focus. But cybersecurity threats cannot be underestimated. Patient privacy might be the biggest cybersecurity threat right now, but a rise in malware that targets medical devices means that significant risks to patient safety aren't far behind.

Risk Managers have got to take control of this issue, or else face a number of very serious ramifications.

Why it matters?

The Department of Health and Human Services office reported record fines of $28.7 million for breaches occurring in 2018.

Are you tired of using only rules to handle risk factors in your organization?

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Shine a Light on the Unknown: Accurately Profiling Patient Privacy Risk in Healthcare

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