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Why did our customers select Bottomline's Paymode-X solution for automating accounts payable, and how does it help their AP team achieve better efficiency, security and visibility? We gained insights into what our customers truly thought about our solution, which some of them have been using for many years. The results surprised even us.

100% of Paymode-X customers surveyed said we offer better overall value and ease of use than any competitor in the marketplace. Broken down further, an overwhelming majority told us they appreciate the efficiency gains and fraud prevention that Paymode-X brings to the table for their accounts payable team and larger business. Many were able to eliminate costly and inefficient check payments, realize better rebate potential and revenue, and simplify processing that was once highly manual and frustrating.

Those changes were welcome for customers who identified an overreliance on paper checks, costly manual processes, the sheer volume of invoices and payments, and a lack of visibility as the core issues bogging down their businesses.

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Top 5 Challenges Looking to Overcome with Paymode-X

Customers reported what challenges impacted their AP organization before using Bottomline Paymode-X

1. Relied too heavily on paper checks to pay vendors

2. Manual processes which were slow, costly, and error-prone

3. Difficulty keeping up with AP processing volume

4. Not earning rebates on AP spend

5. Lack of visibility into invoices and payments

Bottomline Paymode-X > Competition

100% of Customers reported several capabilities unanimously viewed as being better than other AP Automation solutions they have previously used or evaluated

Ease of use

"Overall value"

Digitalizing AP processes

Submitting invoices

Matching of invoice data to PO

Handling expectations

Reporting capabilities 

When asked to rate solution capabilities, our AP Automation customers agree that:


Ramp up of their AP automation solution was quicker than expected


Using Bottomline improves straight-through AP processing


Their solution seamlessly integrates with their ERP and banks

Significant AP Performance Gains


Customers lowered AP processing costs by over 50%


Customers earned over 50% more cash-back rebates


Customers reduced paper check payments by over 50%

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