3 Keys to Successful AP Transformation 

AP transformation doesn’t have to be complicated.   

Here are 3 keys to success:  

First, think holistically. Done right, you’ll automate your invoice process AND approval workflows – while also adding a heavy dose of security.  

Second, consider the integration with your ERP system – your source of truth for accounting.  

And last, consider the importance of vendor adoption. Make sure your partner has a tested process to simplify vendor adoption. Even better, do an audience analysis with your AP automation partner to see how many of your vendors are already in their vendor network.  

5 Signs You Need AP Automation

If you’re used to highly manual AP workflows, sometimes it’s not obvious that you need AP automation. Normal is normal, right? 

Here are 5 signs you need to build a business case for AP automation: 

1. You’re using paper invoices, manual processing and check payments 

2. You have disparate processes for each payment type 

3. Your suppliers are unhappy with your payment processes 

4. Lack of cashflow visibility  

5. You’ve experienced fraud attempts 

If any of these sound familiar, the next step is building internal consensus for change.


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