The state of business payments

BT process & representation 124

Electronic payments drive down costs by 50-85% over processing of paper checks

BT security fraud & risk 172

74% of businesses that experienced payment fraud were victims of check fraud

BT action 82

76% of businesses say "smarter systems that drive more efficiencies" are critical to AP's success

BT currency & payments 93

Only 41% of corporates indicate they are earning rebates on their payables

Businesses facing new competitive pressures and the challenges of navigating a digital world know that optimizing business payment processes and working capital is a must. To update outdated processes and avoid the costs, inefficiencies, and payment fraud risks that come with them, organizations need to transform their accounts payable function.

In this brochure, we explore how Paymode-X Integrated Payables allow businesses to meet those challenges and realize:

Maximized efficiency, productivity, and cost-savings for AP departments

Optimized working capital and increased AP revenue

Reduced payment fraud risk

Improved Vendor relationships

Download this brochure to understand how Paymode-X can help organizations achieve 100% payment automation easily and securely.

Paymode-X delivers a consistent, secure experience across all payment types for Payers and Vendors alike.

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How Paymode-X can help

The Paymode-X Integrated Payables solution provides 100% B2B and B2C payment automation, helping AP departments maximize efficiency, reduce fraud risk, and optimize working capital. Unlike manual processes or fragmented virtual card, Premium ACH, Basic ACH, and check solutions, Paymode-X enables businesses to streamline payments to other businesses and consumers across all payment types using a single platform that works seamlessly with your accounting system.

It is easier than ever to achieve AP efficiencies and maximize rebates, thanks to revenue share available on both virtual card and Premium ACH transactions.

Paymode-X draws on the power of a 450,000+ member network of businesses already accepting electronic payments. Over $200 billion dollars are processed using Paymode-X annually. This established network, combined with comprehensive Vendor onboarding services, helps ensure your business can accelerate payables optimization.

Paymode-X teams will manage and execute dedicated campaigns to your Vendor community, which includes gathering and authenticating Vendor details and banking information. Intelligent Payment Optimization ensures that transactions are always settled using the lowest cost/ highest return payment type for each trading relationship. Your Vendors will benefit from detailed electronic remittance information in their preferred format and other valuable Accounts Receivable tools.

Already making card or ACH payments?
Paymode-X adds value

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Complementing your virtual card

Enhancing your ACH processes

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Paymode-X drives incremental automation to card by targeting Vendors that declined or were not a fit for card payments

Paymode-X drives immediate automation, as many Vendors are network matches. Our team onboards more on your behalf to accelerate the process. 

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Paymode-X provides cash back benefits on AP spend that was not captured by your card program, with no minimum spend threshold to start earning.

Paymode-X offers an opportunity to earn rebates on ACH and virtual card spend, which traditional ACH does not provide.

BT security fraud & risk 161

Security and control

Paymode-X gives you full control over ACH payment amounts and timing, with no action required by Vendors to pull payments of that type.

Paymode-X eliminates the need for you to authenticate and store Vendor bank account details.

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Vendor value

Many of your Vendors will already be enrolled in Paymode-X, or only need a bank account and tax ID to sign up.

Paymode-X provides Vendors with detailed electronic remittance and other helpful receivables features within the member portal.


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