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Can You Spot Check Fraud?

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Gone are the days of basic check fraud schemes—fraudsters are using techniques more sophisticated than ever before. Are you confident in your ability to spot bad checks?

This short quiz is designed to help you:

  • Gain insight into common tricks of the trade
  • Hone your fraud spotting skills
  • Identify areas of improvement for your organization

Don't let fraudsters seep through the cracks. Take the quiz now.

It's no surprise that checks are the most fraud prone payment method, with 75% of organizations impacted.

84% of corporates believe the threat of cyber fraud has increased over the past year. Find out how to secure your organization

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2018 State of Treasury Fraud: A Disconnect Between Perception, Response, & Reality

57% of corporates and banks have experienced fraud in the last 12 months. Implement proper controls against future threats in your organization.

Research Report

2018 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey Report

We've gathered key insights and leading strategies from more than 300 corporates and banks to securely position your organization against future threats.

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