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Comparing the Digital Sales and Onboarding Market

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Nearly half of all digital applications are completed on mobile devices. To be successful within this large (and growing) demographic, financial institutions should opt for a digital banking provider with experience designing for mobile platforms in mind. 

The best specialized digital banking providers utilize a mobile-first platform, designed for a mobile user's needs above those of a desktop user. For example, long scrolling forms may be adequate for a desktop user, but are too cumbersome to complete on the smaller screen of a mobile phone. This checklist provides insights into the mobile experience, breadth of solution set, intelligent risk and fraud management, the focus on digital transformation, and more.

Digital shifts in the market have significant financial implications. 

Learn more about the digital sales and onboarding market today. 

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The digital transformation is here. For banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions to win these younger customers (and keep the tenured ones), they need to meet the bar that retail has raised and deliver the seamless digital experiences that consumers today demand.

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