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PTX Connect Plus


For those organizations that do not have an existing document automation solution or that would like to transition away from on-premise software to the cloud, PTX Connect Plus offers a fully managed service for the creation of branded document layouts, mapping of data, and personalization of email messages. All of which can then be leveraged and distributed via PTX Connect’s collaborative, cloud-based document delivery, presentation and storage capabilities.

PTX Connect Plus at a Glance

  • A secure document collaboration service for you and your customers
  • Create unmistakable branded documents to present to your customers
  • Intelligent analytics provide real-time insight of all documents
  • Provides an audit trail of every action and interaction made with each document
  • Highlights cash at risk and encourages a proactive approach to cash collection

Organizations can reduce invoice processing costs by 82% with automation. What you can do to become best-in-class

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Cloud Based Financial Document Automation - PTX Connect

Are you looking for a cloud based financial document automation solution? PTX Connect centralizes and optimizes the creation, distribution, and tracking of all your mission critical financial documents while alleviating the ongoing costs and burdens associated with other solutions.

On-Demand Webinar

Financial Management: How to Efficiently Manage Your Financial Documents

What if you had one centralized financial document management system that could do it all—from customized document creation and printing and delivery to real-time tracking and tracing and secure user-, customer-, and supplier collaboration?

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