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Swift Access Service


Gain visibility and control of your global “cashscape” while reducing the costs and complexities that many associate with SWIFT with Bottomline’s SWIFT Access Service , one of the accredited SWIFT Service Bureaus in the world.

55% of corporates are making more than half of their B2B payments electronically. Is your organization ready to unlock the future of B2B payments?

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Customer Success Story

BAE Systems Improves Efficiencies with SWIFT Access Service

BAE Systems operates a centralized treasury model for its international operations. Managing funding requirements and core liquidity, exposure to interest rate movements and foreign currency movements, and monitoring bank credit risks are of top concern and can pose many challenges.

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SWIFT for Corporates

Access to SWIFT is no longer the exclusive domain of the largest corporations. Any company operating in a multibank/ multi-connectivity environment, regardless of size, can now take advantage of SWIFT to streamline communications and create a more efficient payment environment.

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