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US Financial Messaging Overview


As one of the world’s leading providers of payment and cash management solutions, Bottomline understands that global financial messaging is much more than simply providing connectivity to SWIFT. Bottomline’s Financial Messaging suite is a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services for reconciliation, data transformation, and connectivity to the full range of SWIFT products and services.

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SWIFT for Corporates

Access to SWIFT is no longer the exclusive domain of the largest corporations. Any company operating in a multibank/ multi-connectivity environment, regardless of size, can now take advantage of SWIFT to streamline communications and create a more efficient payment environment.

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How Cigna is Winning at Enterprise-Wide Payments

Scott Lambert, Senior Director & Assistant Treasurer at Cigna, a global health service provider, provides you with an inside look at the challenges they sought to overcome by leveraging leading best practices and payments and cash management technology.

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