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WebSeries® A Global Payments & Cash Management Hub


Learn how enterprise organizations can centralize payments and cash management to increase efficiency, visibility and control of their cash with WebSeries, our scalable payments and cash management hub. A fully browser-based solution, WebSeries offers the most comprehensive payments and reconciliation capabilities in the market.

55% of corporates are making more than half of their B2B payments electronically. Is your organization ready to unlock the future of B2B payments?

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5 Best Practices for Improving Payments and Cash Management

As corporates seek new ways to effectively address complex global payment and cash management issues, payment hubs offer a comprehensive and flexible solution. This guide examines key areas that a payment hub should address and recommends best practices that can ensure you execute the business process changes required to minimize risk, enhance performance and improve cash management.


Bottomline WebSeries: Centralize and Automate Global Payments

With 25% of corporates generating over one million payments every month, it’s no secret that businesses need to consolidate global payments processes quickly and securely. The ability to automate global payments processes is critical, and payment hubs enable organizations to do just that.

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