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Banking Evolution Jams

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Whether your jam is country or classic rock, everyone knows that good music is a universal source of inspiration and motivation. Thanks to streaming music services, there are now ready-made playlists for every possible use. There’s one glaring omission, however -- not a single playlist could be found for all the banking professionals out there who are building the vision for digital engagement that will help banks seize the commercial banking opportunities they have before them. 

Not only have we put together the ideal playlist for you to listen to as you find the path to success in a world of digital transformation, but you can also gain additional inspiration by reading about the 3 keys to winning more of your customers' business in the digitally competitive financial industry. 

Rock on warriors of business banking in the digital age, we've got you covered! 

An estimated 62% of small-mid sized businesses said they were using a payment solution from a non-bank

Rise up to the challenge of your rivals and deliver a digital experience that goes beyond account balances and payments. Learn more now! 

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The Future of Account Opening 2019

Do you know what it takes to meet customer demands today — and are you prepared to meet their digital engagement needs in the future? Bottomline Technologies, a leader in digital banking solutions, has helped more than 500 financial institutions implement and optimize digital account acquisition.


Digital Banking IQ

The intelligent commercial bank platform for accelerated digital transformation is here. Businesses expect their commercial banks to deliver a superior digital experience based on the latest modern technology. They want consistency with their retail banking experience and want it to drive intelligent engagement between the bank and customer to deepen the relationship.

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