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Customer Success Story

NelNet Inc. Modernizes Accounting Process with Transform


Nelnet Inc. uses Microsoft Dynamics GP, and helps students, families, and organizations by providing a diverse offering of education and business solutions.

Nelnet's accounting department handles numerous check requisitions on a daily basis. The department directs requisitions for both internal and external clients, which means organization is of the utmost importance. The accounts payable (AP) department was working within an inefficient and costly paper-based system. As the company continued to grow and change, the team realized it would need to increase efficiency in order to keep up with the rising demand for its services.

See what steps were taken to improve operations, streamline processes and enhance visibility into the organization as a whole.

"With less manual effort and automated integration into our ERP system, Transform AP helps individuals do their jobs more effectively."

Darren Jameson, Director of Accounting, Nelnet, Inc.

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The State of ePayables 2017: The Convergence of Cash, Suppliers and Intelligence

Ardent Partners found that 56% of organizations perceive the AP function as either "very" or "exceptionally" valuable to organizational operations. Listen to industry experts talk through all of the Ardent Partners 2017 research results and the future of ePayables in this on demand webinar.

White Paper

Treasury’s Role In Transforming Accounts Payable Into a Profit Center

With support from treasury, your AP department can transform from a cost center to a profit center, a benefit for both groups. Read this white paper now to optimize your organization’s AP and treasury relationship.

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