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Customer Success Story

Non-Profit Health System Recovers $4M Medicare Reimbursements Annually with Epic-Integrated Data Monitoring Platform


According to Healthcare Business & Technology, U.S. healthcare practitioners lose nearly $125 billion per year due to poor billing practices. It estimates that a staggering 80% of medical bills contain some type of error and even the smallest mistake can result in a denial.

So what can healthcare organizations do to prevent rejected Medicare claims?

Find out how one health system implemented a privacy and data security platform to catch patient classification errors in real time and realize $4M in unreimbursed Medicare claims annually.

With Bottomline as its trusted technology partner, the Health System is confident it will continue to improve and streamline processes and see additional efficiencies across the organization.

Health System Recovers $4M Medicare Reimbursements Annually with Data Monitoring Platform​​​​​​​

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Get the next layer of defense against data leakage, theft, employee snooping, and exposure of VIP health records. Enhance control of compliance.


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