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Customer Success Story

Sharp HealthCare Eliminates 800,000 Paper Forms Annually

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In healthcare, manual paper registration and consent form processes are cumbersome, time-consuming and can be expensive...not to mention the increased possibility of errors and mishandling of sensitive patient data.

With a manual process, these forms need to be printed for patients to fill out and sign, then scanned into the system, and filed -- a process that is not only inefficient but also requires physical storage for filing and record keeping.

Sharp HealthCare turned to Bottomline Technologies to automate and streamline its registration and consent forms processes. With electronic data and signature capture in place Sharp was able to eliminate 800,000 paper forms and gain efficiencies by downsizing clunky equipment.

Find out how your healthcare organization can benefit from automation.

“While the most significant result of these changes is financial, we have also increased employee morale by implementing changes that make direct improvement in regards to their concerns. The workstation set up has also received the praises of our patients. In fact, one patient with severe numbness in his arm and hand was unable to hold a pen. Because the iPad can be placed directly under his finger, he was able to sign all of his own documents. And that’s what Sharp is all about, empowering patients to live better lives.”

— Brad Odenkirk, Applications Manager

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eSignature: Fast Pass your Patients to Better Care

No one wants to wait in line. Airlines and banks have reduced or eliminated waiting in line. Even amusement parks offer a "fast pass" to entertainment and rides. Why should healthcare be any different? A healthcare provider's goal for their patient is to arrive at the medical facility and go directly to clinical care - no waiting. Download this whitepaper and learn more about simple esignature from home and how you can offer your patients a fast pass to better care.


Logical Ink eCapture Datasheet

One capture platform. Any downstream system. 153 million registrations in US Healthcare generate enough paper to circle the earth more than 15 times. On average, patient form packets are 12 or more pages long, require more than 14 signatures, and include 40 or more unique fields. They must be scanned and indexed one page at a time - and do not yield actionable, discrete data.

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