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Bottomline Business Payments Center


Often times, it is difficult to find an integrated banking system in North America. The majority of NA corporations say that their main banking partner’s platform is under review, due to:

  • Cost
  • Technology
  • Integration
  • Security/stability concerns

While the majority of corporations say that their main banking partner’s platform is under review due to integration and security concerns, it is difficult to find a core banking system in North America.

Large companies need a central view of payments activity and better integration with their bank to get the transparency, efficiency and controls they need. Most commercial banks don’t make it easy for their largest customers to do business with them due to a disjointed set of services and lack of integration with corporate systems.

Learn how Bottomline’s Business Payments Center can help your financial institution provide a unified experience to better integration to your most valued clients.

Analysts estimate that by 2020, 35% of the market will be in play due to digital disruption created by demographic shifts, cloud, mobile and big data. Will your user experience win market share?

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