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Bottomline Digital Account Opening for Consumers


Today’s tech-savvy consumers will be buying from banks that keep applications easy and seamless, so financial institutions need to start making their digital account opening application experience easy for consumers to digest.

Discover how Bottomline’s Digital Account Opening for Consumers delivers the simplest experience in the market and all it has to offer not only to your consumers, but also your financial institution.

Provide new and existing customers the convenience and flexibility to open accounts anywhere, anytime, using any type of device. Read this datasheet now.

Only 1 of 8 successful mobile checking account applicants experienced a start-to-finish process on smartphones and tablets.

By 2020, 35% of the market will be in play due to digital disruption created by demographic shifts, cloud, mobile and big data. Will your user experience win market share?

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Bottomline Digital Account Opening for Businesses

Bottomline Digital Account Opening makes it easier to lessen the time of that administrative work so that your financial institution can focus more on building your customer relationships with small businesses.


The Future of Account Opening & Banking Technology Trends for 2018

70% of customer prefer opening new accounts digitally, yet 60% of new accounts still involve a visit to a branch. Why? Because most banks are lagging behind their costumers when it comes to technology adoption.

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