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Bottomline Mobile Photo Data Capture


Data collection via a mobile device has historically been a challenge for financial institutions. Almost all applications that begin on a mobile phone are abandoned due to cumbersome data capture.

This is why financial institutions are increasingly looking for ways to reduce the time for consumers to enter personal information, while enhancing identity verification.

Read on to find out more about how Bottomline’s Mobile Photo Data Capture Solution can deliver a faster and more secure mobile experience, by:

  • Removing friction by converting images to data
  • Reducing abandonment by making applications faster
  • Enhancing data quality by eliminating typos
  • Reducing new account fraud risk with photo-based security tools

According to Javelin Research, only 8% of successful account applications were completed start to finish on a mobile device.

Average annual cost of cybercrime in the financial services industries is $20.8 million. What you can do to win the fight

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