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Bottomline Transform® for Microsoft Dynamics® PrecisionForms Extended


Business today are embracing digital document transformation to achieve increased efficiency, meet growth targets and enhance profitability. One major way they are doing this is through modernizing their transactional document management systems to deliver a seamless digital customer communication experience.

PrecisionForms Extended is Bottomline’s document reporting, design and management solution for businesses looking to bridge the gap between Microsoft Dynamics native reporting and customers’ expectations for document design and management.

PrecisionForms Extended removes the need for coding by providing an intuitive GUI experience and allows businesses to extract maximum value from documents. Download the data sheet to learn how business that deploy our solution can experience the following:

  • Fast, low cost, high quality transactional document creation and production
  • First class customer and supplier communication experience
  • Automate document compliance and auditability to meet legal requirements

Organizations can reduce invoice processing costs by 82% with automation. What you can do to become best-in-class.

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