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User Behavior Monitoring

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Cyber threats are increasingly aggressive, complex, and frequent. Today your investments in security protect against malware and unauthorized access, but that alone can’t truly protect you. 78% of cyber fraud is committed by authorized users (“malicious insiders”) or by external parties that hijack an authorized user’s profile and access – but without visibility into their behavior, organizations are missing a critical layer of defense and are unable to stop fraud and data breaches before they happen.

The User Behavior Monitoring Solution records the activity of all users by sniffing the network traffic between the end-users and the main servers. The system analyzes the captured traffic in real-time and reconstructs full user sessions, allowing for screen-by-screen replay and behavior analysis.

Act on suspicious behavior as it occurs, rather than reacting after crimes and fraud have been perpetrated. 

Become proactive in protecting your brand and assets. Explore Bottomline's Cyber Fraud and Risk Management Solutions today.

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Compliance Without Complexity

The solution for Anti-Money Laundering Transaction Monitoring, Know Your Customer, Sanctions Screening and Enterprise Cash Management. Staying compliant has never been harder. Most financial institutions and corporations are under pressure to remain compliant with fewer resources. But regulatory compliance is more than a checklist, it is a foundation to build from. And unfortunately, it does not always prevent a finding by regulators or auditors.


CFRM Momentum Video

No financial institution or corporation, regardless of their industry, wants to be a part of a fraud headline, or fall foul of regulations, but staying ahead of opportunistic fraudsters, emerging AML threats and increasing compliance demands seems like a continuous crusade.

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