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Why it Pays to Supplement your Card Program with Paymode-X


If you’re one of the many companies that makes card payments to suppliers to earn rebates on AP spend, you may be surprised to know that you could be earning even more and making a bigger dent in your check stack. If your company is...

  • Looking to maximize the cash-back rebates you earn in AP
  • Still paying a large percentage of your vendors with paper checks
  • Paying some suppliers by ACH, but adoption has plateaued or you've experienced ACH fraud

...then Paymode-X could be the solution you didn't know you needed. View this brief to find out how your AP department can achieve maximum efficiency, security, and rebates by adding complementary payment automation capabilities to your existing card program.

Many of your Vendors are already enrolled in the Paymode-X network...

It pays to supplement your card program with Paymode-X. Find out how.

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Executive Brief

5 AP Payment Opportunities You Didn't Know You were Missing

Card programs are great, but if that’s where your AP automation efforts end, you may be leaving money on the table. Why? Because on average, organizations only pay 24% of their suppliers by virtual card.*

Paymode-X Payer Video

Watch this video to learn how Paymode-X can transform your organization and monetize AP spend with full payment automation, increased efficiency, improved security, and maximum rebate potential.

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