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Become the AR hero your business deserves

Once upon a time...
...(just about now, actually), in the land of Accounts Receivable, the people were sorely oppressed by two dragons. So what they urgently needed was a hero, or heroine, to slay the fiery beasts and everything they represented.

By facing the dragons the hero (or heroine) can prove themselves and help the people overcome the kind of grim challenges which frequently arise in AR.

55% of corporates are making more than half of their B2B payments electronically. Is your organization ready to unlock the future of B2B payments?

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PT-X Connect Overview


Cloud Based Financial Document Automation - PTX Connect

Are you looking for a cloud based financial document automation solution? PTX Connect centralizes and optimizes the creation, distribution, and tracking of all your mission critical financial documents while alleviating the ongoing costs and burdens associated with other solutions.

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