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Controlling Costs in Your Self-Insurance Program


Legal expenses are one of the highest costs in any self-insurance program. Without the right oversight, costs begin to creep up, and without even realizing it, your legal spend is leaking in places you never would have imagined.

It comes into question - how do you keep costs under control and make sure you’re paying what you owe?

The answer: Legal Spend Management.

Organizations that implement legal spend management programs are able to combat these problems and manage costs, in turn increasing efficiency of their claims departments. Read more to discover the four questions you should ask to see if a legal spend management program is right for you.

Legal Expenses are one of the highest costs in any self-insurance program.

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Managing Your Legal Spend: 3 Critical Questions to Ask

Legal spend management is undoubtedly a critical element to an organization’s success in gauging performance, efficiency and compliance. Without such a program in place, you are undercutting potential costs savings as well as claims controls.

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