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Virtual Cards 101

Payment fraud is a constant concern for organizations who pay primarily through paper checks, and those businesses are also dealing with inefficiency and costs associated with an outdated payment method. There should be a better way to make payments, and thankfully, there is.

Virtual cards are gaining momentum as a solve for outdated methods and processes, and with good reason. The additional security, controls, and cost savings that can result from an effective integrated payables can transform the way you make payments and your vendors receive them, bolstering your AP strategies for the better.

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Virtual cards streamline the AP process and reduce both fraud and costs for AP departments, but this payment method also benefits your vendors and their AR function.

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Full AP automation is the best way for organizations to enhance security, streamline operations, and optimize working capital. ​​​Watch to find out more.

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Global Payments and Banking 2020: Experts Weigh in on What's Next

We brought together the most prominent thought leaders on payments and banking to share their predictions on what the next decade has in store. From open banking, to more sophisticated fraud schemes, to real-time payments, to the rise of artificial intelligence and process automation... they all agree the innovation and shifts in the marketplace will require you to adapt and evolve.


Paymode-X AP Automation

AP departments save time, money, and resources by automating key functions. Those savings are even more noteworthy when organizations automate, streamline, and secure the entire invoice-to-pay process. With Paymode-X, wrapping up Invoice Automation and Integrated Payables into a single workflow that integrates seamlessly with your ERP is easier than ever before, allowing for a transformation of AP performance and an opportunity to drive the business forward.

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