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Executive Brief

5 AP Payment Opportunities You Didn't Know You were Missing

Card programs are great, but if that’s where your AP automation efforts end, you may be leaving money on the table. Why? Because on average, organizations only pay 24% of their suppliers by virtual card.*

That leaves a lot of unrealized cash back rebate potential—and comes up short of most financial teams' goals for payment process automation and security enhancements.

Ask yourself these 5 questions to uncover how optimized your AP payment processes truly are. You might be surprised by your answers.

67% of businesses say "smarter" systems that drive more efficiencies are necessary for AP's success - Ardent Partners, 2018

*RPMG 2018

It is easy to automate payments and increase AP profits with Paymode-X. Learn How

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Financial Services Risk Assessment

Will your institution survive industry disruption? Financial services innovators - from large banks to small FinTechs - are leveraging digital platforms to acquire and retain customers, provide relevant and innovative services, and increase profit margins.

Paymode-X Payer Video

Watch this video to learn how Paymode-X can transform your organization and monetize AP spend with full payment automation, increased efficiency, improved security, and maximum rebate potential.

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