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Executive Brief

Fraud, Friction, and the Future of Digital Account Opening

Providing a friction free online account origination process, while also preventing fraud makes it difficult for financial institutions to meet high expectations for acquiring new customers in a digital-first economy. Most institutions would agree they haven’t yet delivered an optimal experience during digital customer enrollment. But everyone agrees that solving the issues of fraud and friction in the account-opening process is critical to increasing digital sales.

Bottomline Technologies and Socure Digital Identity Verification recently joined American Banker to discuss fraud, friction and the future of account opening in a live webinar. Read this executive brief to learn:

  • Where financial institutions are hitting roadblocks today
  • How to think differently about fraud and friction
  • Emerging technology and trends that can help

By 2020, 35% of the market will be in play due to digital disruption created by demographic shifts, cloud, mobile and big data. Will your user experience win market share?

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Executive Brief

Bank Cross-Selling: Creating a ‘Just Right’ Strategy for Success

Bank cross-selling can be a critical path to growth, but most financial institutions are missing or mismanaging cross-selling. The challenge, facing banks and credit unions, is how to offer services the customer needs, when they need it, without a heavy-handed sales pitch.

Customer Success Story

First Command Bank Sees 35% Growth with Online Account Opening

After experiencing an increase in new clients, First Command Bank needed to find a way to make the process of opening accounts easier for financial advisors, since they often assist clients in setting up deposit accounts. Their current process was manual and involved customers filling out forms and then advisors faxing or emailing the completed forms to the bank. While this worked, it was a cumbersome, lengthy process and the redundancies sometimes resulted in errors.

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